Athlete Performance Tools (APT), a new West Michigan based company, is proud to announce the launching of a new product line—Performance Grip Golf, Performance Grip Basketball, and Performance Grip Volleyball.  These first-to-market products improve the performance and grip on all rubber-based golf grips, bat handles and rubber court shoe soles.

The unique thing about Performance Grip Products, is that they are not a sticky spray.  Performance products actually solve the problem of why golf grips, rubber bat handles and shoe soles become hard and slick.  Performance Grip products remove the oils, salts and dirt residue while at the same time re-hydrating the rubber to make them feel soft and new again.

Performance Grip Products are easy to use and very cost effective.  Consumers simply spray the golf grips, bat handles or shoe soles with the solution and wipe off the excess until it dries.  This takes just a few seconds.  Secondly, to soften the grips and shoe soles consumers can spray a second coating on and let it air dry.  This will help the rubber become soft again.

Performance Grip Products were designed, formulated and manufactured in the USA.  The product is very environmentally friendly, non-allergenic and non-corrosive.